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Summer 2019 EVENTS NOW OPEN!- Boys and Girls!

Our Events Are Stay To Play, Please See The Hotel Information On Each Event Page As Well As On The Hotels Page. 

2019 Summer Tournaments

Participate In The Largest Tournaments In The Southeast!

2019 Fall and Winter Tournaments

Get Out Of The Cold! Bring Your Teams Down South!

The Epoch Winter Showcase Powered by FLN Lacrosse


    General Information for Our Events:

    Florida United Lacrosse is a unique lacrosse-oriented organization focused on growing, developing, and expanding the sport across Florida and throughout the Southeast.  In 2003, Florida United created the Florida United Lacrosse Cup series, a first-of-its-kind tournament experience unlike any other offered in the United States.  Open to all competitive lacrosse teams across the country, the concept takes lacrosse competition to an entirely new level by providing skilled lacrosse players an opportunity to compete in a state-wide series of high-quality off-season lacrosse tournaments.   In 2018, FULC merged with Nationally known premier event company Triple Crown Sports based out of Ft. Collins, CO.

    Each tournament in the series offers competition in a standardized format and is organized by boys' and girls' divisions for elite-level, high school, youth, and adult teams.  Teams have the choice of competing in the entire series or selecting individual tournaments, although seeding at future events is improved progressively for those teams with greater participation.  Each tournament is organized to provide safe, efficient, and intense, high-level competition.  High-visibility is also assured as many college coaches have already recognized the dynamic recruiting opportunities created by attending these coordinated tournaments.   Each event is certified Gold Standard.

    Every tournament in the series has its own distinctive on-line presence and on-field personality leveraged by convenient club, team, and player registration processes.  Our FULC  tournament web-site provides information regarding schedules by division, time, and field.  Playoff round seeding and scheduling is updated in real-time with schedules available on-line throughout the tournament.  With tournament formats standardized across the entire series, true event-to-event comparisons or possible.